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Declaration – Authority for Disclosure
1. This agency participates in a tenant assessment scheme (the "association"). The Scheme is administered by a third party service provider; TenantVet Limited (company registration number 06632320), whose registered office is at 10 Basepoint Business Centre, Rivermead Drive, Swindon, SN5 7EX ("TenantVet"). Further information on TenantVet and the Scheme can be found at www.tenantvet.net.
2. The Scheme protects landlords and agents by way of collective information sharing between those landlords, agents and other third parties who are members of the Scheme regarding the suitability and previous conduct of their tenants, such information as detailed in 3.1 below. Information made available via the Scheme is shared with Scheme members and is intended to aid Scheme members in making decisions as to future tenancy applications made by the relevant tenant(s).
3. By signing below, the person (including company or partnership), or if more than one, each of the persons (including company or partnership) (the "Tenant(s)") individually consent to:
3.1 the disclosure by the Landlord and/or Agent to TenantVet of their personal information which consists of any or all of the following: (a) their name, (b) address(both past and present), (c) telephone number, (d) email address, (e) national insurance number, (f) passport number, (g) photographic identification, (h) details of the tenancy or other right of occupation they had/have with the Landlord and/or Agent (including relevant dates and address) and (i) any other information relevant to all acts and omissions of the Tenant(s) in relation to performance or observance of any of the covenants contained within their tenancy agreement or other agreement giving a right of occupation with the Landlord and/or Agent ("Personal Information");
3.2 the inclusion by TenantVet of their Personal Information (as defined above) on any database operated by TenantVet but only in relation to the Scheme; and
3.3 The disclosure by TenantVet of their personal information (as defined above) to third parties who are members of the Scheme who conduct searches or request reports about the Tenant(s).

We will use the information provided to decide your application, please note we have the right to refuse your application at any time.

Please contact me via

All applications processed must be backed up with the following*:

  • Your Passport / Driving licence
  • An employer’s reference or employment contract stating your employment and position
  • Your last 3 months of pay slips
  • Your last 3 months of bank statements
  • A previous landlord’s / letting agent’s reference (If any)

Please attach the documents you have, further information can be forwarded at a later date.

This form collects your details above so that we can correspond with you. Check out our privacy notice for more information.

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In dealing with your application we may make a search at one or more licensed credit reference agency (the agencies) will keep a record of the search.

Any information submitted will be destroyed immediately in the event of an unsuccessful application. Should we be unable to communicate with you for 14 days during the application process, your information will be destroyed.

Download Application Forms

Please download both the tenancy application information and application form below.

Once you have completed the form and have all of the information we require, please email your form back to lettings@robertsestates.co.uk

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